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At Terra Cello Farm, boarded horses are well-cared for by experienced professionals. Each horse receives consistent and personal attention to ensure its safety, comfort and well-being. Horses boarded at Terra Cello Farm live in a natural, healthy environment, receive all day turn out, and enjoy the company of our friendly trainers, along with our other horses. We work closely with owners to ensure the individual needs of each horse is met.
Local and out-of-state boarders are welcome. 
At Terra Cello Farm, we understand the delicate nature of the horse and rider relationship and work with you to train your horse in a manner that suits the rider's needs and meets the ability of the horse to best keep it fit and healthy.
$600 — 3x/week 
$800 — 4x/week 
$1,000 — 5x/week 


Experience horse ownership without the expense or the fuss. At Terra Cello Farm you can spend as much time with your horse as you like, and advance your knowledge and riding skills with a horse you can call your own.  


Terra Cello Farm at our Norfolk facility is the ideal place to retire your horse. We're equipped to meet your needs for most any condition— including complicated injuries and rehab lay-ups. We have grass and dry lot, large matted stalls, oversized windows for natural light, LED lighting to allow for veterinary procedures, and an indoor wash stall with instant hot water and commercial-grade sanitizable walls suited for bathing and performing minor surgical procedures and necessary fluid administration. At Terra Cello Farm, your horse will be professionally cared for in a relaxed, clean and safe environment. 


Hitting the trails is a great way to enjoy yourself, work on balance and strength, learn how to care for the horse, and establish basic bonding rituals. Therapeutic horseback riding contributes to a rider's physical, emotional and social challenges in a positive manner, and can be ideal for riders of most every age who face a host of challenges.


  • All day turn-out

  • Feed 3 times a day 

      (Water, hay, grain)

  • Grooming  (Brushing, picking, main pulling, trimming)

  • Mucking (am/pm)

  • Blanket changes

  • Bathing (As needed)

  • Fly sheets/masks (as needed)

  • Laundry (as needed)

  • Evening check

  • Tacking

      (Tacking up, untacking,



  • 24 spacious stalls

  • Wide aisles

  • Lounge

  • Feed room (enclosed)

  • Outdoor arenas

  • Riding trails


  • Boarding: $700

  • Training: $600-$1,000

  • Leasing: monthly, quarterly, annually (Ask about our rates.)



  • Millbrook Equine (Vet)

  • Kyle Galvin (Farrier)  


We use only professionals we know and trust, and do not allow others to service boarded horses at Terra Cello Farm.


Ask us about trailering your horse to and from events and in emergencies.

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